Pixie Violet and Friends

 Pixie Violet's mission is to create lasting memories for children and make their birthday party the best party ever! I will tell the children all about the fairies message of kindness to all living things and Mother Nature and how they reward good children! 

I truly enjoy my job of creating Pixie Dust and fairy gifts knowing that the fairies and children will love and treasure my creations. 

My favourite colour is purple and I love to dance and sing. I love to spend time with my gnome husband, Matty, and Pixie children, Jasmine & Isabell going rafting, sailing and kayaking. 

You can call Pixie Violet directly on 0424982883 or email. Please follow me on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with events and see my latest creations.

 Nana Pixie is Pixie Violet's best helper because she is a Nana and knows all about sewing and crafts and games for fairy girls. She contributes her handmade creations to the market stall, specialising in polymer clay and 'pixie pets'.
Nana Pixie has helped create the Pixie Palace and make it pretty inside. She has also helped to invent fun games and craft activities. 

Nana Pixie loves to dance to old rock 'n roll and her favourite food is lollies! 

 The Wizard has done all the hard work on the Pixie Palace. He has his own business renovating mini cars but has volunteered his spare time to make the Pixie Palace ready to hit the road. Without the Wizard the Pixie Palace would not even exist! 

He lives in Wiseleigh which is very close to Fairy Dell, where lots of fairies live. He has had a lot of creative input into the Pixie Palace which surprised Pixie Violet and she is forever grateful for his time, effort and expertise. 

You can contact 'the wiz' via his website

 Matt is Pixie Violet's husband and owner of Gippsland Recreation Outdoors. He is a qualified outdoor instructor with over 15 years experience. He can host 2 hour beach parties for boys and girls providing water activities such as kayaks and stand up paddle boards for $30 per child (min. 6 kids). GRO is fully insured. 

He can also offer private hire of white water rafts, sleds and sea kayaks for long or short term lease to individuals, schools and other organisations.

 Please contact him for availability and more information via Facebook or his website

Or email

 Jasmine and Isabell are 'Pixies in training'. Their mumma, Pixie Violet, is teaching them the tricks of the trade in creating magical fairy gifts. Sometimes you'll see them at the market stall. They love making gardens for fairies and the fairies like to leave little gifts for them to say thank you for their beautiful homes. They also write letters to each other and have a dedicated letterbox for their correspondence. 

Jasmine's favourite colours are green and blue. Isabell's favourite colours are pink and purple. They both love bio glitter, slime and making silly videos.

Fairy FeeBee lives in a special home hidden inside the Pixie Palace. Fairy FeeBee likes to leave little presents for the visiting children and an extra special one in her treasure box for the birthday girl.
Fairy FeeBee often flies back to her fairy village and relays messages to Pixie Violet. She is like a telephone! She keeps Pixie Violet company as they travel around telling stories of fairies, gnomes, elves and pixies.

Created by Pixie Violet