The Pixie Picnic is a free event for all enchanted creatures to join in a picnic with friends.

The Pixie Picnic is a fun and free event for the young and young at heart. Costumes are encouraged and every child receives a pixie passport to get stamped at each game and activity.

The Pixie Picnic began in April 2016 and there have been 4 in total so far.

It is a day to bring families together to play!

The games change each picnic but some things remain the same. There's a free raffle for those in costume, Pixie Passports for the kids and a Fairy House Hunt!

Many businesses contribute their time and skills to help make the Pixie Picnic a memorable day for all.

At past Picnics we've had involvement from; Paynesville Neighbourhood Centre, Entertainment Gippsland, Jumpin Jellybeans, East Gippsland Gymnastics, East Gippsland Circus Company, High Society Dance, Paynesville Sea Scouts, Hiit Factory, Forge Creek Free Range & Paynesville Maritime Museum.

There is also a wishing well for the children to make a wish with their gold coin. The proceeds are donated to local charities. In total there has been over $1000 donated to local charities including Bairnsdale Urban Landcare, Paynesville Lions Club, Paynesville Maritime Museum & Bakki Boo Beeswing.

At this stage there are no immediate plans to host a Pixie Picnic. There have been many other wonderful free events happening in our community that I have been involved with and many more to come.

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Created by Pixie Violet