Handmade by a Pixie

Here is a small gallery of what's on offer at The Pixie Palace market stall. I truly love to make and share my creations and fairy treasures. In my life before I was a Pixie I was a qualified florist with 13 years in the industry. I gained a lot of skills and experience which has led me to become the fairies first choice in creating their gardens to live in. I love to see a fairy garden go to a loving home where I know the fairies will be safe and cared for. I also make a 'fairy garden kit' for children to take home and make their own special place for the fairies to play. They are only $10 and include lots of little treasures to start a fairy garden.

Fairies Garden Milk Bottles $13- $15 ea
Fairy Garden Preserving jars $25 ea
Large Fairy Garden Terrarium Cloche $70
Created by Pixie Violet