The Pixie Palace is a mobile fairy caravan powered by pixie dust!

 Welcome to the Pixie Palace- where fairies are REAL and kids parties are made easy for parents and fun for kids!  

My name is Pixie Violet and I am your host. I will tell you all about the magical world of fairies inside my Pixie Palace. I can come to your birthday party with my Palace and do airbrush face painting, play games, craft activities and tell stories. There are many surprises and little gifts from the resident fairy hidden inside the Pixie Palace. 

The Pixie Palace also visits markets and festivals with my handmade fairy gifts and face paint. I love to create fairy treasures and share my pixie dust with all the children who believe in fairies!

Pixie dust magic awaits you inside the Pixie Palace... Pixies are cheeky and creative. They make Pixie Dust for fairies and other useful fairy items. Unlike fairies they don't have wings but pixies and fairies are the best of friends and always help each other, Mother Nature and all living things.  

The Pixie Palace travels around the Bairnsdale area and further afield.

Created by Pixie Violet